How did this happen?

An obsession with baking eventually spun into the creation of our own late-night bites. We provide our locals with warm and delicious delivered snacks until the wee-hours of the morning. Do not worry - we haven't left out our gluten-free and sugar-free friends! My sister, who is a diabetic, has helped us create the most amazing moist Gluten-Free and Sugar-Free cookies. In honor of her, we will soon be offering "Mariam Style" variations of some of our favorite cookies.


Our Mission

We want to make sure everyone's late night cravings are fulfilled. Our menu has a cookie on it for everyone. Whether you are a teenager trying to get over a heartbreak, a college student trooping through finals, a mother stressing over her son's birthday party, or an elder wondering what they should serve at their next Sunday Dinner for dessert - we are here to help!