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Bae-ker  Application

The Cookie Connect

Bloomfield, Nj, USA

$9.50-$10.50 Hourly




Our Bae-kers are the foundation of our company. As a Bae-ker, you are an ambassador for #theconnect.  You are consistently representing our core company values and making sure each guest is treated with the same respect, love, and dignity you are provided in the workplace. You are a team player that is always willing to lend a helping hand after completing your tasks.

Bae-kers will work directly with our Chip Leads, who are the leaders in our company. Chip Leads are there to make sure the shift runs smoothly and to help out and answer any questions you may have!

WARNING: Be prepared to go home smelling like cookies.


You must possess...


  • A willingness to learn and try new things

  • An interest in being creative and thinking outside of the box

  • A knack for knowing when you can handle something and knowing when to ask for help

  • The ability to calmly communicate with others around you

  • A passion for baking, art, or decorating

  • A concern for attendance

  • A desire to learn about The Cookie Connect

  • An ability to maintain cleanliness in the workplace and on your person

  • A desire to be a part of a rapidly growing family of like-minded and high-energy individuals





  • Competitive hourly wages. 

  • The opportunity for a raise based upon dedication and performance

  • Flexible Scheduling for college students (Late night shifts, mid-afternoon shifts)

  • At least one day of the weekend guaranteed off every week!

  • Scheduling is done semesterly to coincide with college schedules

  • Company discounts on swag and treats!

  • Company parties and events





  • Be Excited: We are here for you to accomplish your goals! We pride ourselves on having an inclusive, creative, and motivating work environment. We want you to be excited to come into The Cookie Connect!

  • Be Ready For Change: Change is good! As a business that is in a constant state of growth - we want you to grow with us! We are consistently looking for new ways for our workers to motivate themselves and to learn the newest tricks out there.

  • Be Generous: We are constantly looking for ways to give back to our community. If you represent a cause that is important to you, let’s work together on making your goal a reality!

  • Be Sweet: We strive to make our customer’s days a little sweeter! It is important that every customer that walks through the door is treated with the same respect. Let’s send off each customer with great vibes and a ton of yummy cookies! There is no sweeter place to be at than The Cookie Connect - total pun intended!

  • Be Yourself: All are welcome at The Cookie Connect. Regardless of race, gender, sexuality, mental impairment, or physical impairment - we want you to feel welcomed and comfortable in our storefront… and when our workers are happy, that energy translates into our customer’s experiences!





The Cookie Connect is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All final candidates will be asked to complete a background check including driving record, education, employment, and criminal records.


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